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  • Bunker Cafe

    Restaurant Review: Bunker

    by Kajal Kapur
    Theme restaurants are the new fad in town and with many people opening up spots targeting a certain patronage, the fever is ever rising. Bunker Gurgaon is relatively a new café on the Gurgaon food scenario. Somehow Bunker’s theme had been inspiring me to visit for a long time, however, getting the right company is always a challenge considering that they would experience the place with similar enthusiasm. Now is possibly the time to explain why was I so inquisitive to visit Bunker Gurgaon for long. So I had done some homework before I had gotten the time to make a visit.
  • Fencing Academy

    Fencing Academy Opens in Gurgaon

    by Whats Up Gurgaon
    Contemporary fencing or Olympic fencing is an art form that involves athletic agility and focused skill acquired through rigorous and continuous practice. Fencing happens to be one of the only five sports that have been included in every modern Olympic Games since the first in 1896, even though the art form has been in existence since the 12th century. Three years back, at the age of 38 years, Rachna Sharma quit her full-time job to pursue other interests and one of them was her long-standing dream
  • Tau’s Cafe

    Restaurant Review: Tau’s Cafe & Lassi Bar

    by Kajal Kapur

    Gurgaon is home to many a fine dine restaurants but sometimes you find a little unexpected gem tucked away in a bylane that just makes you want to skip the charade for a while and return to just the basics. Tau’s, Ansal Plaza, Palam Vihar is one such gem, with simplicity being it’s unique selling point. I came to know about it through a friend who lives nearby and hops there to have a look(and feel)-alike of a home-cooked meal.

  • Barbeque Nation review

    Africa Magica @ Barbeque Nation

    by Rohit Bakshi

    When I got the invite to try out the African Food Festival aptly titled AFRICA MAGICA, I said to myself-“What different are they going to offer now and what preparations have they done for the same”. With these thoughts in mind I first of all prepared myself by eating very light Breakfast and Lunch knowing the evening meal is going to be very elaborate, and booked an early slot – 7.30 pm to factor the time needed to enjoy the elaborate set up.

  • Free Tarot Readings

    TAROT FORTUNE Apr 15 - May 15

    by Manasi Raina
    2015 The year of the Sheep takes us forward towards a higher plane cosmically. 2015 is a year of preparing the soil to sow the seeds of promise for a brighter and more dynamic time to come. Theme for 2015 begins with world authorities deciding to control the catastrophic forces world over which seem to threaten humanity. The devilish forces are brought down to the knees by angelic realms so 2015 asks us to use faith,compassion and courage to conquer the unruly elements whether inner or outer..
  • Delegating Life

    Delegating Life: A Boon or a Bane?

    by Jasmin Waldmann
    How amazing people are… specifically if they are stars, simply “blessed” with cheap labor work, are wealthy or something like that. There is a saying: “money spoils the character”. I do not agree with that. I strongly believe that money (or cheap labor work) reinforces what was already there and was already deep down in peoples’ character. If opportunities appear to people they will take it. So if they can have less work to do on their own they delegate it with pleasure.

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