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Latest in Town

  • Corporate Nights in Gurgaon

    Corporate Nights in Gurgaon

    by Kajal Kapur
    After a long haul at the office each day, all one really wants is some relaxing time. Surely, one of the best moments is when someone passes on a drink and you get to relish that along with some soft music playing in the background. Just unwinding and shrugging off the tiredness from the day’s task makes one rejuvenates for the next day. Seemingly some restro bars across the city recognized the need and came up with a unique concept of having corporate nights where one could go!!  
  • New Places in Gurgaon

    New Places in Gurgaon

    by Whats Up Gurgaon
    We love you. You know that. And we appreciate how you keep coming back to check what are the latest goings-on in and around Gurgaon. This time, as well, we at What’s Up Gurgaon bring to you some of the places that have recently debuted in town. Food is the route to a man’s heart, they say. I say- I agree! Don’t we all love having something that makes us lick our fingers and replenishes our soul. We bring you, here, some new dining places that you might want to check. 
  • Games India

    Lets Play Some Games

    by Whats Up Gurgaon

    Are you still playing board games like Ludo, Chess and Scrabble? Sure you know there’s more. Now you can play world’s most played games without the need to buy board games online! “Games on Wheel” rents out Board Games- the new age board games that you would like to play like: Settlers of Catan: Build and develop holdings while trading and acquiring resources. Over 15 million copies of the game have been sold till date, which is roughly the population of Delhi.

  • Restaurant Review

    Restaurant Review: Cafe 5

    by Kajal Kapur

    I have been living in DLF Phase 5 for a little over a year and have been fortunate to have some of the best eateries in the vicinity. So, often times when I have had a chance to grab a bite, I have been treated with some of the best delicacies around here. It was a few months back that I heard Café Five opened up its doors and it was a pleasant surprise to note that it was the closest to home at Club 5 and that they home delivered as well.

  • Free Tarot Readings

    TAROT FORTUNE Mar 15 - Apr 15

    by Manasi Raina
    Here’s wishing all of you a great new beginning for a brand new year 2015.   The year of the Sheep takes us forward towards a higher plane cosmically. 2015 is a year of preparing the soil to sow the seeds of promise for a brighter and more dynamic time to come. Theme for 2015 begins with world authorities deciding to control the catastrophic forces world over which seem to threaten humanity. The devilish forces are brought down to the knees by angelic realms so 2015 asks us to use faith,compassion and courage to conquer the unruly elements whether inner or outer..
  • Online Grocery Shopping

    Online Grocery Shopping

    by Kajal Kapur
    Vegetable and grocery shopping can be a chore for most. Finding the time, finding the right time (when the shop gets fresh stock), having transport…the banes are many.  Ask any housewife or singletons living alone. A buzzing metro like Gurgaon, however, has a few solutions – online vegetable and grocery shopping.  A number of companies have set up virtual or online shops – a quick Google search will throw up a number of options. It’s real easy. Just find one that will deliver to your sector

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